A time to break away

Have you been planning to have a break in a place you’ve never been to but keep postponing it? I was on the same boat with you.

I had always dreamed of escaping from the hustles and bustles of city life and find tranquility in nature. But the thought of planning a trip seemed so much hassles already. I find it quite a lot of work to search for the best mode of transportation, accommodation, places to go and how to get there, and where to eat plus finding good deals.

For over a year, the thought of lulling to sleep by the sound of crickets, waking up with the song of chirping birds, seeing the sun rise and set, watching the sky change its colors, gazing at the stars against dark evening sky, feeling the cool northern breeze and getting lost in a new place remained just a longing until I finally grabbed a plane ticket.

The moment I set foot in Chiang Mai, the first thing I thought was what took me so long to come here? I have been there before but never really had the chance to explore the city. I was rather oblivious of everything because work occupied my mind. So being there with only my backpack and an overload of glee made it feel like it was my first time.

Leaving all the workload, stress and worries behind, I can only feel the light weight of my backpack; it was easier to smile and talking to people was a wonderful experience instead of as a heavy obligation (‘coz sometimes, burnout makes it hard to talk).

There is that special kind of joy and excitement to be in a place where everything seems to tell you that a brand new life can always start right now, right here.

So, if you feel like your world has shrunk and your life has become solely driven by technology — where even the air you breathe seems to be just coming from the air conditioning — it’s time to get off that couch, disconnect and breakaway!



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