About Me

I am…

… a traveler

I believe that traveling is more than just going to different places. It is more of appreciating God’s masterpieces; of being one with his children regardless of race; of being able to see various problems that changed the face of the earth; of taking part in conserving his magnificent creations; and of leaving imprints of goodwill.

… an agent of change

Like a single seed that can yield bountiful harvests, I’ve always believed that I can be one of those catalyst for a positive change. This thought may sound too absurd but I have faith that even the simplest deed when done with love and compassion can make a difference, if not to the world at least to someone or something.

… a learner and a mentor

It took me 24 years to fully realize that learning is vital and indeed fun. We can appreciate things/circumstances more if we know a lot about them. And if we take every downfall an opportunity to learn, the well of hope for a better future will never run dry.

As a mentor, I find it very fulfilling to be able to share what I have learned. By helping one realize the value of learning, I feel that somehow I have helped that person live life to the fullest.

… a dreamer

The worst fear could be the fear of dreaming big and making it come true. As a dreamer, I dream so many great things. I dream for my family and loved ones, for my friends, for myself and for the world. And I consider each day an opportunity for me to leap through the barriers to make those dreams a reality.

… a blogger

Writing is the best way to let our thoughts reach a wider horizon. Hence, I created this blog. I traveled a lot, meet people and gained so much learning from the experience. I wanted to share them to others who might find some of the information useful. I also hope this blog will let me do my share as an advocate of peace and development. I believe that awareness is very important if we want people to support our cause. So, I will be writing about global issues with hopes that readers may learn and be inspired to be an active and productive changemaker.

This blog marks the beginning of my journey towards reaching my dreams. Be my company 🙂

-Mary Antonette H. Abello-

A long walk in Cardiff, Wales


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. net, can’t imagine the content if I were to make a blog…
    I plan to make one though…
    Wordpress huh?

    Happy B-Day!!!

    • You can make it Val.. don’t worry about the content coz a blog can be anything under the sun that you want to share.. let me know when you have one so I can read your posts.. miss you so much Val

  2. Tonette!

    Hoy are you? You’ve got a good blog here. I enjoy reading your posts–they got depth and they are well-written! I am adding you to my blogroll!

    • Hi Ate Nelf, thank you 🙂 Your blog is one of my inspiration in creating this one. Been reading it for almost two years now especially when I was still working at my first job 🙂 miss you ate… All the best for grad school!

  3. “As an educator, I find it very fulfilling to be able to share what I have learned. By helping one realize the value of learning, I feel that somehow I have helped that person live life to the fullest.”

    I’ve heard it said that teachers hold the ladders that students climb.

    I’m sure you’re holding the ladders for many!

  4. I am so inspired reading your post. It is so refreshing and hopeful knowing people like you still exist in this world. And thanks for the feedback on my blog. Coming from an educator was a hugh compliment.

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