An attempt to productiveness

Like any other weekends, I woke up very late today, 12 noon. Too lazy to go out and buy food, I grumpily devoured a bowl of cereals as my “brunch”, breakfast and lunch in one. I had planned to wake up early to write something but failed to resist the comfort of my beloved pillows and blanket — to part with them is pain — so I ended up feeling bad for not sticking with my plans.

Then I thought, the day is not over yet. I still have the rest of the afternoon to do just what I had planned to accomplish. So, I started to arrange my closet, mop the floor, empty the garbage bin and wash a few of my laundry. I was amazed at how much I got done in just a few hours!

I took a bath to freshen up. Then I headed to the nearest shopping mall to grab some croissants and bacon pie at Bonjour and wrote an article. I finished the article after over an hour but for now I’m leaving it to be polished tomorrow before submitting it to a mag 🙂

I surfed the net for a bit when I reached home then went for a jog. I read a book while resting after a tiresome exercise before washing up then dinner. And now, I still have the energy to blog before bedtime, yay! Usually, even blogging still requires me so much motivation.

So, it’s now 10:30 in my computer clock. I’ll be off to bed soon and I’ll sleep happily and calmly because for the first time this year, I can say that my day had been productive 🙂



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