Guess no one has really ever done something great without being both praised and scrutinized. There will always be those people who’ll try to pull you down in the hope of putting themselves up. That, however, only gives them a temporary delusional joy which cannot compare to the lasting fulfillment one can derive from doing/accomplishing something beyond what s/he thinks s/he can.

…sweet thoughts from friends…

When I love, I love deeply and these surprising messages are more than enough to keep me believing that even the smallest things I do for others can somehow touch their lives, enough reason for me to keep on loving…

From Miss Lovable:

“mag drama ko ha.. (hmmh, just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the unconditional and TRUE friendship (although we had misunderstandings in our past moments..hehe) we still remian bond and intact.. i’m soo glad having you as a friend (not all people has the privilage of having one).. we meet in Ilang-Ilang dormitory you’re in room 7 and i in room 12 the cleanest room, hehehe).. i dont know where our closeness started.. (maybe it was destined that you will have a cute and charming friend, ahem) when my tita stop supporting me you we’re thier helping me find ways for me to still continue to go to school (hing doul pa gani ta, forgot the name para maka SA for me to have a source of fund) . then, another was when it was summer again i had no money for my tuition you texted ate rich and ask her if i have a tuition and told her that you have an extra 500 for me to borrow then things follows next..until now although we are far still our closeness and bond are intact.. im really thankful to GOD for he give you as a part (a special part) in my life.. hope our frienship last after forever.. love you my dear friend MARY ANTONETTE HILOT ABELLO..MWahhhh, and before i forgot (nosebleed ko ani)heheh

i really THANK YOU for the (SciPhone i 68) mao na na atoa code run ha?hehhe damo wrong graming ani kahibaw naka..hehhe”

Me & Elbert in Cardiff, Wales 2008

From Mr. Energy

“ I will once again say thank you for everything you have done
to me during gx. My experience in that day became so much fun and colorful to remember. You always cross into my mind everytime I do something good to others. Now, I can say to myself that it is just about time for me to share to others what I have learned from you, I should say. To be a friend to others in times of difficulties and reach out for those who lose confidence to themselves are just a few things that I have learned from you. Anyway, how are you there? hearing every success that you achieved makes me so happy for you. Hope to see you soon tonet and hopefully we will see each other there in Thailand, hehe… You are one of the women that I admired… Ingats always… god bless…”