An attempt to productiveness

Like any other weekends, I woke up very late today, 12 noon. Too lazy to go out and buy food, I grumpily devoured a bowl of cereals as my “brunch”, breakfast and lunch in one. I had planned to wake up early to write something but failed to resist the comfort of my beloved pillows and blanket — to part with them is pain — so I ended up feeling bad for not sticking with my plans.

Then I thought, the day is not over yet. I still have the rest of the afternoon to do just what I had planned to accomplish. So, I started to arrange my closet, mop the floor, empty the garbage bin and wash a few of my laundry. I was amazed at how much I got done in just a few hours!

I took a bath to freshen up. Then I headed to the nearest shopping mall to grab some croissants and bacon pie at Bonjour and wrote an article. I finished the article after over an hour but for now I’m leaving it to be polished tomorrow before submitting it to a mag 🙂

I surfed the net for a bit when I reached home then went for a jog. I read a book while resting after a tiresome exercise before washing up then dinner. And now, I still have the energy to blog before bedtime, yay! Usually, even blogging still requires me so much motivation.

So, it’s now 10:30 in my computer clock. I’ll be off to bed soon and I’ll sleep happily and calmly because for the first time this year, I can say that my day had been productive 🙂

New year’s resolution

More often than not, with new year comes new year’s resolution. People would vow to start doing or not doing the list of things they swear to resolve after the clock strikes 12 midnight on the 1st of January. Well, I am not an exemption.

However, mine was done a bit earlier. I believe in the statement of Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People which refers to habits being associated with the pull of gravity wherein the more you go against it, the harder it becomes.

Hence, so as not to make my new years resolution a torture rather than a positive change of lifestyle, I started reorganizing my thoughts and way of life as early as December. I deserve a pat on the back from my own self for making it little by little (laugh out loud).

Now I’m ready to kick off the year with less pressure being able to keep myself on track with what I wanted to change. Indeed, it is never easy to make a drastic change but we can make it easier if we do it by heart and by not being too hard on ourselves. After all, it’s not how we started but how we made it to the end that matters.

A prosperous 2012 to everyone!

Gita Meit

Photo by Mary Antonette Abello

The evening of July 2 could just be an ordinary, cold, rainy, lazy Saturday for most Bangkokians, but not at Tim Johnson’s place.

To celebrate his birthday, the musical director and pianist Tim Johnson invited his friends, students and other music enthusiasts for a charity evening of musical performances and wine tasting. The event dubbed Music, Wine and Friendship for Burma was inspired by the Burmese words “gita” means music and “meit” means friendship.

The proceeds from the wine and beverages will go to the Gitameit Music Center, a non-profit music school in Yangon founded by Prof. Kit Young, an American and M.D. U Moe Naing, a Burmese (more info are available at Aside from the sales generated from the wine and beverages, they also welcomed donations of any kind such as music scores, DVDs and musical instruments.

It was my first time to meet Tim Johnson so I was very excited. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to meet a musical guru who has worked with Broadway producer and director Larry Alford, stars Seth Riggs and Roger Love, award winning choreographer Anita Mann and famous celebrities like Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul?

The moment I stepped into Tim Johnson’s house, I could feel the soul of art from every nook and cranny of his home. From the colored glass windows, lighted candles spread across the entire room, photos and paintings hanged on the wall and simple but elegant furniture, there were so much to marvel at for a creative soul.

There were already a lot of guests when I, Neil and Kuya Boy, a Filipino freelance photographer and English teacher which we happened to bump into at the gate, arrived. My timid self was a bit reserved until Tim Johnson came to greet us. His warmth and hospitality and the friendly guests made me feel more relaxed, ready to have a blast.

Shortly after a sumptuous dinner, the musical performances started. A riveting melody filled the air as Tim Johnson played the piano whilst the angelic voices of the performers swept us away. The beautiful Ms. Kristen Rossi and Alex sang “Serious from the musical “Legally Blonde”. The Head of the Voice Department of Mahidol University, Dr. Colleen, sang “The Girl in 14G”, “Taylor the Latte Boy” and “Alto’s Lament” leaving us in total awe. Students from Mahidol University – College of Music also performed. Among the songs they sang were “I’m Still hurting” from the musical “The Last Five Years”, “Cabaret” and “I’m Alive” from the musical “Next to Normal”.

It was indeed a night to remember. I was reminded of my childhood dream of learning to play the piano. We’ve also met a lot of wonderful new friends. On top of that, I have learned to appreciate the art of musical performance more than ever. And oh, the Italian red wine was delizioso!