How to be happy

HAPPINESS, a very simple thing when defined yet so great that it can turn a peaceful community into a battlefield or a pen into a sword. All of us, definitely, live each day in pursuit of happiness. We are so much overwhelmed with myriads of desires that we tend to ignore the profound joy of simple things.

Each of us has different dreams, wants and plans in life. All of which could make us totally happy and contented. The issue here is, has anyone lived and attained true happiness and contentment? Maybe none, as we knew that as long as we live, we will always search for something that delights our hearts. Even a quest for success is synonymous to quest for happiness.

Attaining our hearts’ desires to be happy is not an easy thing that can be obtained in just one blink of an eye. More often, we are faced with bumpy roads. These circumstances lead us into feeling the opposite – sadness, frustrations, annoyance, anxieties, all sort of negative feelings.

Many of us tend to forget that true happiness and contentment is just around the corner. It is just a matter of state of mind but one has to make the decision to recognize it. No matter how chaotic things may seem – at home, at work, or with people around- if we are able to develop a positive outlook, happiness is just a way to go.

Just recently, I realized that taking a candid photo of a friend, reminiscing happy memories, humming a lullaby, these silly things can actually create a smiley mark in our heart. There is something that we can do to make a simple stuff special, and that is to give it a meaning.

The best way to accept misfortunes, problems, and the like which are barriers of happiness is to look at the positive side of things. I once applied for a job and failed. In my thoughts I knew that I can have something better. Very soon after the incidence, I landed in a job abroad.

If I only let myself mourn over the lose, I would have lost my self confidence and suffer from the agony of self pity. On the contrary, I chose to accept things with gladness and looked at the brighter side.

Now, I don’t need to burn my eyebrows to the idea of achieving great things to find happiness. I can be happy by just walking at the park, getting a good night sleep, eating my favorite cookies and cream or reading a good book.

These are simple things that we sometimes fail to enjoy and appreciate because we never thought that true happiness that’s from deep within our hearts is just around. It just takes a positive attitude coupled with simplicity in our way of life and appreciation of the beauty and meaning around us that we can reach the zenith of bliss.

Hold on or give up?

Reader’s Digest Asia posted this photo on its Facebook page:

The caption says, “In reply, my friend told me, “I held on so long, only to give up in the end so that I would remember the lesson learned.” Dear friends, what do you think?”

This is my answer:
It depends on what you are holding on though. If it is something you want to achieve/reach, holding on may not be enough, you have to give it your best shot. If you fail once give it another try. Hold on ’til the end for every sunrise gives you an opportunity to get your heart’s desire. If what you are holding on to, however, is a person or a relationship, it’s not a question of whether to hold on or let go I guess. It’s whether the person still wants you in his/her life. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to be a part of our special someone’s life, he/she may be better off and happier without us in it. Not holding on doesn’t mean we love less for letting go is a way of showing how great our love is that we would gladly embrace pain just to see them happy. Whichever, nonetheless, let’s try not to lose sight of what we have while holding on to what we don’t have 😀