After You Dessert Cafe: Heavenly Treats

If you are craving for a heavenly dessert at very affordable prices, After You Dessert Cafe is the place.

I am on my 3rd day of self pampering and “me” time so I decided to meet a girl friend in Siam Paragon for an afternoon shopping. After an hour of roaming around, I felt a sudden longing for something choco-flavored and After You, located at the ground floor, was the best choice. I heard from a friend that the place is always packed with people and there’s always a long queue. And guess what, the queue was indeed long! But that didn’t stop us from going ‘coz I was sure the wait will always be paid off by its super delicious treats. Fortunately, we didn’t really wait that long and the staff were very friendly.

It was so hard to have a pick ‘coz everything was so tempting. But a choco-lover as I am, I opted for Chocolate Mud Brownie and Toffee Frappe — heavenly!

While munching our desserts, me and my friend tried to decipher the reason behind the name After You. I also let out my curiosity over their logo. Then she said, perhaps the cafe is after EWE, a female ram and perhaps Aries is the zodiac sign of the owner? Well, it made sense. Anyway, when I get back home, I was so thrilled to tell my friends that finally I’ve been to the talked-about dessert place. Can’t wait for my next visit! I’m craving already 🙂
After You branches are located in the following:

J Avenue, Thonglor13
Tel no. 0.2712.9266
Sweet hours: 9:00am – midnight (everyday)

Lavilla, Paholyotin
2 nd Floor
Tel no. 0.2613.0597
sweet hours: Mon – Thu 10:00am – 22:30
Fri – Sun 10:00-23:00

The Crystal Park, Phase 2
Tel no. 0.2515.0549
sweet hours: 11:00am – 22:00 (everyday)

Overnight transit in Bangkok: Silom is the place

Last month, a friend was on a transit in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport on his way to Dhaka, Bangladesh for 12 hours. He arrived in Bangkok at 10PM and his flight to Dhaka was at 10AM the following day. It was his first time in Thailand so I was very keen to show him around Bangkok. However, the challenge was to find a place for us to chill out knowing that not many shops and places are open overnight. After much thought, voila! We chose to take him to Silom.

A place for shopping
Indeed, Silom was the perfect choice. As late as 3AM, there are still vendors selling various items along the sidewalk. You can grab some really chic clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, bags, shoes, silk, and much more at very affordable prices. Of course, vendors usually give a higher price if you are a foreigner. You just have to know how to bargain. If they insist on the same price, try buying two or more items and ask for a discount. I once liked a silk scarf so much but the cost was ridiculously 800 Baht. I tried to bargain and pretended I am not so interested with the item. In the end, she gave me the scarf for only 200 Baht 🙂

A place for delicious food and drinks
Silom has a lot of restaurants that serves delicious Thai food and other cuisines. We ate at one of the open restaurants there for only 500 Baht for the three of us. With that amount, we already had som tam, tum yum, rice, chicken barbecue, singha beer, coke and fried noodles.

A place for night life
There are a lot of clubs and bars open in the area where you can enjoy and have a good drink. The famous strip dancing show in Patpong is also just around the area. There is also this so-called gay soi (gay street) with several gay lounges and clubs.

If you’ll arrive in Bangkok before 12 midnight, you can take the airport link train to Phyathai station for 40 Baht. From there, you take the train (BTS) to Sala Deang then you can start roaming around Silom just after you get down from Sala Deang station.

Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival

Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand to mark the beginning of another year of the Thai calendar. Locals usually go to their home provinces to celebrate the New Year with their family. Hence, Bangkok will be a bit deserted during this time. However, a lot of enjoyable activities are still in store for both Farangs (Thai word for foreigners) and locals. Fun activities are at Khaosan and Silom road throughout the 3-day festival.

Out of laziness and lack of interest to play with water, I just stayed at home last year during Songkran. This year, I decided to join the craze and experience myself the fun of splashing water. On April 13, we head off to Khaosan road and had a super blast there.

The best dress to wear is something comfortable and most of all, it shouldn’t be one of your favorites as it will surely get so dirty. The picture below will show how dirty one can go 🙂

For tourist who are arriving in Thailand during Songkran, make sure to wrap your bag and secure valuable things such as mobile phones and cameras. Although taking a taxi will save you from getting wet, sometimes you might have to walk if the street you are going in is crowded with people splashing water. In Khaosan in particular, we saw tourists trying to squeeze in on the crowd. Another one is riding a tuktuk and was splashed with water when the traffic light turned red.