Earth hour challenge: will you?

In October 2009, I took part in the Asian Youth Climate Workshop with At the time, my desire to actively engage in addressing environmental issues was burning, just like our getting hotter climate! I tried to be active in online environmental activism. In the course of time, I got tied up with other things. Though I did try to lessen my carbon footprints, still I feel I am not doing much.

The environmentalist in me was awakened after I saw the animated documentary “There’s no tomorrow“. I encourage parents to let their children watch this documentary to inculcate environmental concern. The animation will help them understand the concepts easily. After watching, I knew I will never live the way I did before.

Just when I was about to start living green, I saw this video. If 5000 people commit to recycling and reusing paper, he will play the piano live over the internet for 8 (eight) hours in a row, non-stop. His initiative is simple yet it can make valuable contribution to mother earth. So I accepted his challenge.

Earlier, I dared a 30-min walk with high heels while carrying my shoulder bag and laptop. When I reached home I was sweating all over and it felt refreshingly good. Indeed, we will never run out of ways to live an environment-friendly lifestyle.



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