Eulogy for an alive me

The O-C in me is striking again. Good thing it struck at the right time when I am on a 2-week vacation I call ‘sanity leave’ that includes body and mind detox. It is also my attempt at slowing down my pace and take some quiet moments to reflect and reorganize my life. While writing this, I can hear the chirping birds. From the glass window I can see a grass-covered barren land, a concrete fence and behind it lies a vast rice field. Two hours from now, I will see the huge blazing golden sunset without moving an inch. I remember Cecil Frances Alexander’s All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Back to my being O-C, part of my ‘life detox’ is the literal de-cluttering of my physical surrounding and online existence — id est inbox clean up. It is both an amusing and gruesome process, you know what I mean. But to my surprise, I found an email from a very dear friend sent for my birthday. I am the self-proclaimed ambassadress of the cliché “Never leave words and unsaid and things undone” so I always make it a point to tell people how much I appreciate them. So, imagine getting one for myself! Reminds me of the ‘living funeral’ concept from the book Tuesdays with Morrie.

While her compliments rub my ego, it is her words of wisdom that struck me most. Thank you so much Ate Bing!

This statue is named Fonske or Fons Sapientiae which means "fountain of wisdom" I took this in Belgium, Ate Bing's favorite place on earth :)

This statue is named Fonske or Fons Sapientiae which means “fountain of wisdom” I took this in Belgium, Ate Bing’s favorite place on earth 🙂

Who is Mary Antonette Abello?

“Tonet/Tonyang as most of her friends call her is my Bunso’s (younger sister) close friend from college years. Honestly, I don’t know her personally. I mean I just get acquainted with her through my sister, met her along Visca, or at home as they often visit my sis. I did not really had a serious “get to know each” other bonding time with her, just some casual “Hi Ate, Hi Tonet” moments. But then she treated me like her elder sister (well most of them from their barkada). She’s someone whom I can literally consider as a “small but terrible person”. When I say terrible, not the negative definition but rather the “just simply amazing”. A far-fetched writer whom she compelled heavy emotions beyond her thoughts and ideas. Her works inspire awe the imagination of each and every line she wrote. And I can see a good future from her writing skill. A gifted child, God-fearing, a responsible daughter, friend/girlfriend, and a dear sister to all she cared. She had this feel for those who are in need, thus her heart goes for social and developmental works. I really admire her from where and how she become right now. She may be weak in some point but her being independent makes me think of how brave she is.

Now, in your 25th birthday Tonet, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for always lending me your ears…I know sometimes you might be fed up with me, but still you never left me and always been there whenever I needed the most. It means a lot to me. Your are reaching a quarter of your life, you’ve got a long way and I am so proud of you. Always remember that life is not easy but it is beautiful despite its imperfections. Meeting you makes it even more beautiful. Such an extraordinary care you had for me and I really appreciate it. I am not good in words really, but OUR FATHER knew how blessed and thankful I am to have a sister in you. You are a big part of my journey. I know you know that. I love you Tonet. Just keep up what you have, always believe in yourself and continue to do your passion. Be thankful for you are truly blessed. When in down, don’t let that feeling push you even down to the bottom, instead, think of how blessed you are. There is always a way to make yourself happy and satisfied…HAPPINESS is a choice. If you think you’re not appreciated or you’ve not done your best, you’re wrong, because here I am who always admire you and you never knew how much you’d helped me. Just continue to be a blessing to others and bring SMILE to everyone you encounter. Be Blessed always. Happy Happy birthday! Another year is blessed for you to enjoy life. Take care.”



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