Hope for South-East Asia

According to the news from the United Nations, “over 600 people have died and more than eight million others  – in Thailand 700,000 of them are children – are affected by flooding and typhoon, with the situation expected to worsen”.

I am in sorrow for the loss of lives in Thailand, the country that has been my home for over two years but I grieve more for my country, the Philippines, that was severely hit by typhoon. And how can I lose sight of the other South-East Asian countries that were equally damaged?

These catastrophes are not something that come unexpected knowing how we exploit our natural resources and live an environmentally unfriendly lifestyle.

Anywhere in the world, the revenge of mother nature can be felt. Very sadly, those who suffer the most are the least, if not at all, accountable!

It is very disheartening to see photos of people struggling for survival. But it is very heartwarming to see that a lot of people braved the flood and rain just to lend a helping hand.

Although I was devastated, I found hope from the one huge bright star I saw the other night. I was reminded of our slogan at the Youth Engagement Summit in Malaysia, “South-East Asia YES we can!” Yes, I believe we can.

Let’s not let the rain wash away hope and courage. Let it sprinkle kindness and overflowing love. Let’s not let the storm break our spirits and dreams for a brighter future. Let it break the walls that divided people and nations.



2 thoughts on “Hope for South-East Asia

  1. In faith I believe in the innate goodness of man as we are created in the image of God to do good works, But when sin came in, man’s view in life was distorted in many ways.I hope that through the good works and deeds of others just like what you are doing many will come to realize that we should be accountable of our day to day action wither conscious or unconscious that we are in in one way or another a contributor in the abuse of our mother nature and that as a result we only reap what we sow. I admire that in your youth you come to realize that there is something that you can do by using your God given talent in writing through blog in disseminating information on things you think you can make a difference to mankind and in this whole universe.

    I may not be able to read all your blogs but whenever I will have time I will do specially on the subject of my interest.

    Keep on sharing your thoughts through your blog, Pray it will accomplish it’s purpose…

    • Thank you very much for the encouragement po. I do believe that we all have different purpose in life. And the best way to maximize our contribution to humanity and this world is to focus on our God-given talents and use it to make a difference.

      My late grandmother’s family name is Rejas. We might be relatives 🙂

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