Learning while doing home chores

In the past 2 months, I feel like I ran out of time for reading and learning — well, we can always learn from people we talk to or things we experience. But I meant learning from reading — and it makes me really frustrated.

In that two months I was handling two different activities so my schedule was a bit hectic. Usually I can squeeze in reading online news and other interesting sites such as the Harvard Business Review, Oprah and many others at work. But when I became really busy, I couldn’t quite concentrate on what I am reading so I just ended up bookmarking stuff and focus on my job.

After work, if I’m not out to have dinner with friends, I’m home talking to my loved ones over Gtalk/Yahoo Messenger or watching a good movie to unwind or doing some chores.

One Saturday a friend invited me over to the hotel where she checked in so we can catch up after her vacation in the Philippines. There I had the time to watch TV — I stopped watching TV since college — and realized how I missed it, the comfort of just sitting back and taking in information. Yes, I was watching news and documentaries instead of HBO.

Then and there, a thought hit me. Why not listen to online news and documentaries instead of music while doing home chores? So the following weekend while doing my weekend routine — cleaning my room, washing the dishes, washing my laundry, folding my clothes, ironing, etc. — I tuned in to Channel News Asia to catch up with the latest news or listen to documentaries.

There are setbacks though as sometimes you really have to see what is happening to understand what you are listening. So I position my computer in a way that I can easily glance at it or listen to TED talks.

I was happy to finish my chores with a bunch of new learning! When you are faced with the same predicament, hope this will work for you too 🙂



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