Online volunteering makes a difference

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Even when I was a kid, my heart always breaks every time I see a beggar on the streets. My young mind can’t help but wonder why people could afford to ignore those street children when what they asked for is just a single peso to buy a piece of bread.

As I got older, I realized that there are so much frustrations in the world other than the sight of a hungry child. My attempt to contribute was through being an active student leader. After I graduated and having volunteered in Newham and Iligan, I became passionate to work on areas in line with community development.

However, fate brought me into the corporate world. T’was just a matter of priority though as for now, my goal is to help my family. I need to stick with my job to do that which means giving up my desire to serve the people.

No matter how I tried to be positive with my job in the business sector, there were just times when I just found myself ranting over the same paradox. Thanks to Ms. Jennifer Domingo, she introduced to me the world of online volunteering. I registered and browse on some tasks which I am capable of doing to maximize my contribution to the organization.

Indeed, we will never run out of ways to do something if we only have that strong determination and will in our heart. I am now very excited to start applying and hopefully get accepted by one of the organizations I am keen to work with.



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  1. WOW! May something in common tayo..gusto ko din maging volunteer =) at gusto din ng community development =) let’s go for it!

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