We stumble and fall, get bruises and commit mistakes. But in the end, it’s us, it’s what made us and it’s our life. We have to accept the good and the bad and celebrate life’s imperfections.

Mary Antonette H. Abello
1 June 2013

Why do we hurt the ones we love?

More often than not, when the people we love hurt us, we end up hurting them back. We all got the chance to live but very few gets the chance to know what genuine love is, at least not in this lifetime.

Mary Antonette H. Abello
1 July 2013


Inside everyone of us lies a dormant strength that is only revealed after we win the hardest battle with ourselves. And when we discover that strength, nothing in the world can tame us. We will be able to continue the journey in life undaunted.

Mary Antonette H. Abello
3 July 2013