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I’m drawing again :)

My mom used to tease me that I only won a drawing contest when I was 3 years old because of the judge’s misinterpretation of my drawing. In a children’s party we were asked to draw whatever that fascinates us. My mom said when she asked me what I was drawing I answered balloons. Perhaps my drawing was such a mess that the judge who is the father of the birthday celebrant thought of it as an extra-terrestrial object 😉

Whenever I recall my childhood, drawing is always in the picture. In Grade 1, I was always scolded by our teacher because I didn’t pay attention to her discussions. All I did was doodle on my notebook, then my classmates would start gathering around me looking at my drawing. The next thing we hear was the bang on the board – that’s it, I’m busted.

I can’t remember exactly when was the time I started to abandon that hobby. But every time drawing and art cross my path, I  can only think of what our kinder teacher told us, “If you don’t use your God-given talent, He will take it from you”. Then I’d wonder, has He taken it from me already?

After about 18 years, I met a friend who awakened my passion for drawing. I was at what most poets and writers call “the valley” or the lowest point in one’s life when I met him. He was bored in the office, scribbled a man’s portrait and placed it on my table. I smiled looking at his drawing. In my thoughts was the realization that I was too focused on irrelevant things and neglected what could have made me happier.

Since then, I started drawing again. Here are some of my self-declared masterpieces (laugh out loud).

Some people are just capable of bringing out something good in us without them even realizing that they did… – This good friend brought me back into the world of art. His name is Art

Angels don’t just exist in heaven. They are around us in a form of a real friend. This is my friend Angel Oo.

I also challenged myself to paint. And because I am not so kind, I dared myself to come up with a painting using the simplest art material I could grab from the nearest mall at my place – poster paint, brush from an “all items for 20 Baht” shop and black cartolina.  I didn’t do well in overlapping the cartolinas so the line shows. The result is not worth any applause but I just love it.