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Hold on or give up?

Reader’s Digest Asia posted this photo on its Facebook page:

The caption says, “In reply, my friend told me, “I held on so long, only to give up in the end so that I would remember the lesson learned.” Dear friends, what do you think?”

This is my answer:
It depends on what you are holding on though. If it is something you want to achieve/reach, holding on may not be enough, you have to give it your best shot. If you fail once give it another try. Hold on ’til the end for every sunrise gives you an opportunity to get your heart’s desire. If what you are holding on to, however, is a person or a relationship, it’s not a question of whether to hold on or let go I guess. It’s whether the person still wants you in his/her life. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to be a part of our special someone’s life, he/she may be better off and happier without us in it. Not holding on doesn’t mean we love less for letting go is a way of showing how great our love is that we would gladly embrace pain just to see them happy. Whichever, nonetheless, let’s try not to lose sight of what we have while holding on to what we don’t have 😀