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Faces of hope and courage

We all experience those moments when we feel so unhappy, lost, hopeless, discouraged, devastated — eaten up by negativities — and end up missing the good things that we could have had. There may be different reasons why we feel so, often because of things beyond our control,  but have we ever thought of it as simply stemming from our own self-centeredness? We are too occupied with creating the image we wanted ourselves to be perceived that we fail to recognize the great blessings we already have. These children will remind us of the gifts that we have and will give us more reasons to be happy and thankful of what life had showered.


These children live in the Camillian Home for Children Living with Disabilities in Bangkok, Thailand. Their parents are incapable of raising them because of their disabilities. Learn more about the kids and give your donation, visit their website http://www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org/