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One step forward, two steps backward

Pokhara Nepal

Me in Pokhara, Nepal (January 2013)

I don’t understand people who complain about something without doing anything about it – not that I am an exemption, of course.

There was this person who kept ranting about how miserable his life is and that his life would have been this or that had the situation been this or that. Clearly, he has an idea of what “better life” looks like yet remains reluctant to take significant steps because his thoughts were fixated on the barriers rather than on creating opportunities.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t know the value of TIME. A Japanese colleague once said, “the only thing that is fair in this world is TIME; we all get the same amount.” This statement struck me because I myself struggle with making the most of my time. You know, like right now at 1:30AM, I am still wide awake instead of hitting the sack.

These days, the world seems to have fallen short of optimistic people. There is always something to complain about. And most often, nothing changes because we are scared to stretch our boundaries a little bit or step out of our comfort zones. The moment we set foot out of that comfort line, fear of uncertainties would penetrate every corner of our heart forcing us to sprint back. The sad thing is that, we don’t realize how often we do this and how much time we have wasted.

As the cliché says, we take one step forward and two steps backward. And we still wonder why we aren’t going anywhere.

Fireflies and volunteers


Fireflies. They look as insignificant and ordinary as the other insects in daylight. But when the evening comes, their true beauty is unleashed. Put them together and they’ll sparkle like the stars that will never fail to mesmerize a melancholic heart. One volunteer, one ordinary soul whose footprints can easily get washed away by the tides of time. But in the hour of darkness, put them together and their spirit would outshine it.

An attempt to productiveness

Like any other weekends, I woke up very late today, 12 noon. Too lazy to go out and buy food, I grumpily devoured a bowl of cereals as my “brunch”, breakfast and lunch in one. I had planned to wake up early to write something but failed to resist the comfort of my beloved pillows and blanket — to part with them is pain — so I ended up feeling bad for not sticking with my plans.

Then I thought, the day is not over yet. I still have the rest of the afternoon to do just what I had planned to accomplish. So, I started to arrange my closet, mop the floor, empty the garbage bin and wash a few of my laundry. I was amazed at how much I got done in just a few hours!

I took a bath to freshen up. Then I headed to the nearest shopping mall to grab some croissants and bacon pie at Bonjour and wrote an article. I finished the article after over an hour but for now I’m leaving it to be polished tomorrow before submitting it to a mag 🙂

I surfed the net for a bit when I reached home then went for a jog. I read a book while resting after a tiresome exercise before washing up then dinner. And now, I still have the energy to blog before bedtime, yay! Usually, even blogging still requires me so much motivation.

So, it’s now 10:30 in my computer clock. I’ll be off to bed soon and I’ll sleep happily and calmly because for the first time this year, I can say that my day had been productive 🙂