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The love of music

If I have to list down the things –obviously people are not included– that I cannot live without, music will definitely be among the top 3. Not that I already know what the other 2 are but I’m pretty sure about music.

For most if not all of us, music is a great part of our life. Upbeat songs cheer us up. Love songs make us fall in love all the more. Instrumental music allows us to look deep within our souls, relaxes our minds or lulls us to sleep. Sad songs make us remember the past or the people in it and the longing for those people brings melancholy that the same songs, no matter how sad, can ease simply because it remind us of special people and wonderful memories. Religious songs can strengthen our faith and empower us to face life’s trials.

Different kinds of music create different effects and feelings in a person.

My choice of music depends on my mood. This evening I opted to listen to Christmas carols because they remind me of home and bring the spirit of the yuletide season.

Listening to music is my main de-stressing activity. But being a lover of anything artistic and beautiful, sometimes I’d prefer to watch music videos on Youtube. With millions of music videos available though, I seldom find ones that would really make me feel as if I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Omar is very good at finding really nice music videos. This one, I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz is his latest find. It may not be so nice for others but for me it is because I love letters and anything that looks vintage! And the lyrics is meaningful too 🙂

I would love to know your favorite music videos too! Feel free to share them as comments 🙂

If life is a backpack and a long train ride

It’s always hard to say goodbye to people who have already become a part of us. But our sadness for the inevitable separation will never conceal the fact that we all have to go on with our life. Following is a message I wrote for a colleague who will embark into a new career venture.

Sometimes life would seem like a long, solo train ride. We’d never get to choose who to sit beside with. Strangers would pop in at random stops. Some of them would stir our stillness making us wish they’d get off soon enough. But, there are also those whose presence turns a dreary journey fun-filled. A little glimpse of their life would show us a world different from our own, then we’ll never look at some things the same way again. Their simple gestures of benevolence would somehow ease the weariness of our meandering soul. And when parting time comes their waves of goodbye would sprinkle hopes that one day our paths will cross again. We’d sit back, sigh and smile at what’s left; wonderful memories to reminisce.

The time you’ve shared with us no matter how short were precious moments that we can never trade for something else. Thank you for the friendship. We wish you all the best in your new journey. Sayonara, until we meet each other again.

On his last day in the office, he shared this video which has a very deep message that I ended up contemplating after watching.

Why I like the “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” video

A video “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” by an expat named Jimmy Sieczka who lives and works in Cebu for three and a half years has gone viral and garnered both positive and negative comments among Filipinos.

My first reaction: facepalm. It’s humiliating because what he said were true. This is something we need to ponder on instead of hating the guy. Although he can’t attribute everything to the whole country and he may have exaggerated some but still he presented issues that we know but failed to address/change. Actually, there are more issues he missed to point out that we, Filipinos, know but we keep a blind eye.

The way he delivered his rants was obnoxious though. But I wanted to look at it in a positive light. Maybe he intentionally did it to spark our rage with hopes that we will DO SOMETHING.

I like it simply because it provokes us. It entices us to look at those problems critically. The awareness it bring opens doors for social change. The shame it inflicts will challenge us to prove that we are better than this.

We should watch this and accept the criticisms with an open mind. This serves as a wake up call for all of us and we should really do something. There is also a video produced by Michael Goodman, “20 reasons why I love the Philippines”.