The happiness list

It’s been over a month into the year of the dog and we are entering that period when the new year’s frenzy gradually subsides and we slip comfortably into our old patterns. The list of resolutions found the end of its fleeting life, more fleeting than that of the cherry blossom petals. At the tail of this transience comes the influx of sentiments anent to a drab life. The feeling of boredom would set in and when it does, slacking is most often the inevitable consequence.

I am beginning to succumb to the pull of my comfort zone, to stay where everything is all too familiar. But a part of me is determined to resist the old habits and remain on track towards making positive changes this year. To rekindle my spirit’s fire I decided to make a list of things that make me happy, the simple things that we often don’t take notice of because we are too fixated on those that are not within our grasp. So here’s my happiness list

* waking up to the sound of chirping birds
* waking up to or dozing off with the sweet lullaby of falling rain
* smell of soil when it starts to rain
* warm ginger, lemon and honey tea with the right sweetness
* reaching 10,000 steps in a day
* feel of my skin after a good scrub
* mild sweet scent
* smell of an infant
* smell of an infant’s breathing
* hubby’s caress on my back and scalp
* hubby’s head and body massage
* finishing a book
* finishing my reading list ahead of the timeline
* getting a high score in an exam when I expected to flunk
* receiving a book gift
* stargazing under a clear starry sky
* a magnificent sunset
* a delicious meal
* an upbeat song
* doing yoga and meditation against the temptation not to practice
* writing on my journal every night before going to sleep
* resisting the urge to drink soft drinks and alcoholic beverages beginning this year
* sound of a child’s laugh
* sight of a child’s sweet smile knowing it was because of me
* driving a car (it’s like sedative)
* icy-cold drinks, a bag of potato chips and a good movie
* reading on a hammock by the beach or with the sound of the rustling leaves
* flat tops chocolate
* long morning coffee time
* comfy white sheets
* Blueberry cheese Belgian waffle
* Jollibee’s cheese hotdog
* writing a blog
* a pretty photo composition
* finding an insightful article to read on Facebook
* my mom’s home-cooked food and snacks
* getting messages from friends
* waking up before sunrise
* taking a shower first thing in the morning
* climbing a hill and enjoying the scenery down below
* a walk by the beach at sunset
* the feeling after thoroughly cleaning the room and having taken a shower right after
* warm baths
* seeds beginning to sprout
* vegetable plants growing healthy
* seeing the first bloom of my flower plants
* smell of roots when weeding
* getting eight hours of sleep
* listening to Nicolas Jaar’s Mi Mujer on repeat mode

My heart is full after writing these and realizing there are so much that I am thankful for, so much to be content with. Indeed, just thinking about the simple things that make me happy gave me the needed boost to keep making the most of my time, to keep going and smelling the roses. Definitely, these roses aren’t found on the couch.

What about you? What are you most grateful for this year?



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