Why Sanity Keeper?

We are living in a crazy world. Countries fight with each other. Reading the news is depressing. We have work, food to eat, home to live, friends to hang out with and family to shower us love but still we are unhappy most of the time. The disparity between rich and poor has never been this wide. Racism and bullying continue to inflict wounds. The internet is changing our lives. Our lifestyle continues to ruin mother earth. The global issues are endless!

Yet, we cannot give up on hope. There are a lot of people who strive to create positive change, help the less privileged and make this world a better place for the future generation.

I was torn between arts and development work. I want to be part of the peace and development bandwagon. Yet, there is also this thirst to create something, to write. Although I chose the latter –development work, that is — things can get heartbreaking and overwhelming at times especially that my work deals with contentious issues. So, I created this site to pass on positivity and share my reflections and journey. This is my little writing hub. This is what keep me sane.

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