Why I like the “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” video

A video “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” by an expat named┬áJimmy Sieczka who lives and works in Cebu for three and a half years has gone viral and garnered both positive and negative comments among Filipinos.

My first reaction: facepalm. It’s humiliating because what he said were true. This is something we need to ponder on instead of hating the guy. Although he can’t attribute everything to the whole country and he may have exaggerated some but still he presented issues that we know but failed to address/change. Actually, there are more issues he missed to point out that we, Filipinos, know but we keep a blind eye.

The way he delivered his rants was obnoxious though. But I wanted to look at it in a positive light. Maybe he intentionally did it to spark our rage with hopes that we will DO SOMETHING.

I like it simply because it provokes us. It entices us to look at those problems critically. The awareness it bring opens doors for social change. The shame it inflicts will challenge us to prove that we are better than this.

We should watch this and accept the criticisms with an open mind. This serves as a wake up call for all of us and we should really do something. There is also a video produced by Michael Goodman, “20 reasons why I love the Philippines”.

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