Why I like the “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” video

A video “20 reasons why I dislike the Philippines” by an expat named Jimmy Sieczka who lives and works in Cebu for three and a half years has gone viral and garnered both positive and negative comments among Filipinos.

My first reaction: facepalm. It’s humiliating because what he said were true. This is something we need to ponder on instead of hating the guy. Although he can’t attribute everything to the whole country and he may have exaggerated some but still he presented issues that we know but failed to address/change. Actually, there are more issues he missed to point out that we, Filipinos, know but we keep a blind eye.

The way he delivered his rants was obnoxious though. But I wanted to look at it in a positive light. Maybe he intentionally did it to spark our rage with hopes that we will DO SOMETHING.

I like it simply because it provokes us. It entices us to look at those problems critically. The awareness it bring opens doors for social change. The shame it inflicts will challenge us to prove that we are better than this.

We should watch this and accept the criticisms with an open mind. This serves as a wake up call for all of us and we should really do something. There is also a video produced by Michael Goodman, “20 reasons why I love the Philippines”.



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  1. while some things are true, it is another f_ckn American centrism. As if America is the center of all there is and all else revolve around it. Being in a foreign land, some things are really annoying. But one should not expect things to be what one wanted it to be. There are differences and we should respect them. If you cannot, you are free to go!

    • Haha.. Naintriga judko ani tify, I can't watch videos and don't hav nternet connection gwas sa fon. Don't hav an idea pero agree ko sa imu gsulti.hehe. I miss u jud tify.

    • My husband caught me watching the video yesterday so I told him what it's about and that he has been there for 3 1/2 years..
      He said it's so stupid of him to make that video when he can just leave since he hate the place so much.. hehe

    • DOT slams expat's 'why I hate PH' video
      'We have more reasons why it is fun in PH'
      The Department of Tourism says it will not allow a single video dampen their efforts to prove that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

      In fact, it is not affected by a now viral video of an expat who enumerated his reasons why he doesn't like the Philippines.

      “If he has 20 reasons why he is not fond of our country, we can get 20 million reasons more why it is more fun in the Philippines,” Tourism Assistant Secretary and spokesperson Benito Bengzon told Yahoo! Southeast Asia.

      A video titled “20 Reasons Why I Dislike Philippines” featured an American expat identified as Jimmy Sieczka. The video was apparently shot in Cebu City as a Robinsons Cebu sign is visible in one of the scenes.

      The video was originally uploaded on Youtube but it was later taken down and now can be seen on the Channelfix website. As of this writing, the video was viewed 54,693 times, according to the website.

      “Hi, I'm Jimmy. I've been living and working in the Philippines for three and a half years. In that time, I've seen and experienced all the beauty and wonders that this country has to offer. I've also seen and experienced all the fucking bullshit that this country has to offer,” Sieczka said in the introduction of his video essay.

      Sieczka's “hate list” includes: a gigantic hole on the sidewalk temporarily covered up by a trash can, street vendors who sell sexual performance enhancer, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the lack of proper sanitation in market food stalls, Pinoys' obsession with whitening products, pollution, plastic bags on the street, drivers who ignore traffic laws, lazy security guards, and so on.

      Bengzon said the DOT listens to all the comments on the country, whether positive or negative, and calls the attention of the government to act on these matters.

      He added that though the department recognizes the issues depicted in the video, it is not at all worried that it could affect the country’s tourism campaign.

      “We are not worried. Mas marami pa rin ang positive factors,” Bengzon told Yahoo!

      He added, “The important thing to remember here is that this is a one-man opinion against the millions of Filipinos who still love the Philippines."

  2. Flawless white, healthy white, whitening lotion, Intensive loton..etc..—>>>Obsession, Filipino obsession?
    Indeed true -_-

  3. Hi my name is Scott I am married to a Filipina for 14 years in SEPT THIS YEAR 2013.I have been to the Philippines 4 or 5 times now, recently Jan 2013.I have enjoyed my vacation there everytime I was there.The people I met were very friendly to me always helpful, if I needed help, so I told my wife I want to live there, so hopefully we will live there by the end of next year 2014, don't any one pay any attention to what this guy said about the Philippines he;s dumb, IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES CGE.

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